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What would you give to ensure your family might survive a disaster? What more could you summon to enable that your community might survive, as well? The bold actions taken by the small group of young men and a woman who make up Team Nepal for New Life International is the portrait of personal sacrifice as service for others.

When their country suffered not one but two major earthquakes, these young people chose to leave their jobs on nothing more than the word of a few men from America whom they had never even met one month before. With two weeks of training, they decided to set aside their pre-quake lives and serve their fellow countrymen and women. What began with opening a single 28-gallon tote and assembling an odd machine under the guidance of a man who brought it from Underwood, Indiana, has grown into a water purification process that has already reached thousands.

These young adults have come with their own stories, hearts of servants punctuated by acts of generosity and selflessness. They originated from diverse backgrounds, some from distant mountain villages and for one young man, even being born in prison. His story, which could easily have culminated in criminal experiences and distrust, instead led him to volunteering as a wound dresser at a leprosy hospital before becoming a part of Team Nepal.

Four weeks removed from that initial, strange experience of seeing a water purification system for the first time, they have fully installed many systems in villages surrounding Kathmandu. Numerous additional sites have already been identified and their work ethic, intellect, and heart for their people are opening the door for a myriad more. From chaos and loss have come potential, success, and hope.

What personal sacrifices might we be asked to make, just as these young Nepalese  were, to ensure a thirsty people, crying out for salvation hear God’s  answer for their lives? Please continue to pray for these young folks as they work to serve their fellow countrymen and women.  Please give generously as hope in Jesus is being instilled where purifiers are being installed.

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