Safe Water for Togo

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Amevi Bocco is originally from Togo, West Africa, and currently an Assistant Professor of French, and Francophone Studies at Tennessee Wesleyan University. During the Urbana 2018 Mission Conference in Saint Louis, MO, Amevi came to the New Life International booth and shared the needs for safe water for the people of Togo.
The nation of Togo is located on the coast of West-Africa, bordered by Ghana to the west, Burkina Faso to the north and Benin to the east, with a population of around 8 million people. The majority of the people in Togo live under economic hardship, especially women and children. The average Togolese in the capital city of Lome earns about $550.00 US per year in a country where the infrastructures such as roads, hospitals, schools, clean water sources, electricity are very limited even in the capital city of Lome itself, and almost nonexistent in villages, even as close as 10 miles from the capital city. In this environment, the villages are the most affected by the economical crisis. The youth in those areas are left with no jobs, especially in dry seasons when they don’t work much in the farms, and the very limited number of schools do not have the basic infrastructure, such as a sewage system, clean water, electricity, etc. Healthcare is nonexistent causing more and more each year the premature death of many men, women, and children, from as small infections such as parasites to diseases such as malaria, etc. Life expectancy in some of these areas is less than 50, with the fertility rate of about 4.5 births per woman.

The Need for Safe Drinking Water to Prevent Diseases
Besides the numerous needs that must be addressed in the near future in Togo, there are some that are urgent, such as the need for safe water. The water that the people, including the children are drinking in these villages in Togo comes mostly from rivers, ponds, and water streams, that are full of germs and mud. There is a real urgency to help these villages access clean and safe drinking water to prevent contagious diseases, such as cholera and infectious bacteria and parasites that can be catastrophic and detrimental to these poor, and vulnerable populations. Should any such disease finds its way to these villages, it will cause a massive lost of lives, as many of these areas do not have access to a healthcare system.
Fortunately, in the midst of this socio-economic crisis in Togo, there is a massive opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Togo is counted today among one of the fastest growing nations in Gospel outreach in Africa. The Gospel is on its way to the cities, and villages in Togo. While many villages remain still unreached, because of the extreme lack of roads, and other resources to easily access the remote areas, efforts are being made on small scales by many churches in the nearby small cities to reach these villages.

The Target
There are many of these villages in Togo that need safe drinking water, but we cannot do it all at once. In this proposal we are seeking help for the village of Kpele-Tsavie that has an urgent need for safe water as we speak. Kpele-Tsavie is located 137 miles from the capital city of Lomé, in the Great Kloto, in the hillside region of Togo, West Africa. It is the home of the Ewe tribe with about 2,000 people with more than 70 percent between the age of 10 and 35. Kpele-Tsavié has a wonderful landscape made of hills and a vast plateau including the waterfall of Gbaledje. The main activity of the people of Kpele-Tsavié is farming, an activity that is mere seasonal, due to the rotation of dry and rainy seasons. The main religion in Kpele-Tsavié is animism, but the Gospel is making huge inroads into the area, which has now about 4000 Christians. The water the people use in Kpele-Tsavié is from a nearby river connected to a fountain. However this water needs to be purified to be made safe, as it is almost not drinkable during rainy season, as it literally turns like mud.

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