Jim and Duffey Jewett Blessing Uganda

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Uganda, crosses by the equator in East Africa approximately equal in size to the state of Washington, is situated on a high plateau mostly about 4000 feet with elevations to over 5000.

Most of Uganda’s 35 million people from more than 40 tribal groups are herders or growers.  Well over 60% of Uganda’s population is 15 years, of age or younger and has one of the lowest wage levels in that part of Africa.

World Outreach Ministries Foundation (WOMF) in Seattle, Washington, has over 300 churches in Uganda. Many with schools and orphanages. I have been an active missionary with WOMF for over 10 years with much of the last three years devoted to McGuire Water Purification installations in Uganda Christian Outreach Ministries (UCOM) under church/school/orphanages WOMF.

We are presently seeking your partnership in water purifier installations in:

  1. Kawempe, Uganda, home of Jesu Akwagala Church, where we have multi-faceted ministry including a school with about 600 students (Pre-school through High School) and continuing vocational program. There is also a large children’s outreach ministry in the community. GOAL $2500.00
  2. Nango, Uganda is about 10 hours by car from Kampala. Jesu Akwagala Church/School/Orphanage will be getting one of our McGuire water purifiers at the school with expected satellite sites in the community from the “Nango” purifier. GOAL $2500.00
  3. Rupa, Uganda Jesu Akwagala Church in the remote Moroto mountainous region of southwest Uganda is reaching a nomadic herder tribal group of the “Karamonju” people. Our McGuire water purifier will be a real asset in sharing the “water of life” – Jesus, in a very dry and arid place, physically and spiritually. GOAL $2500.00
  4. Seguku, Uganda is the suburban home of our Uganda Christian Outreach ministries (UCOM) and Jesu Akwagala Church, administration, schools and Bible school.  The administration Department oversees our work in eight East African nations.  GOAL $2500.00

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